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Want to learn more about CBD? See below for information about this wonderful compound and how best to enjoy it benefits. For more information you can read our FAQ or contact us directly at info@hempknot.co.uk

What is CBD

Cannabidiol, commonly known as CBD, is dervied from the hemp plant Cannabis Sativa. It is a chemical compound that can be taken in a variety of ways, for example orally (in capsules or tablets) sublingually (under the tongue as a tincture) or topically (directly on the skin in the form of a cream).

Humans have a complex network of neurotransmitters and receptors known as the Endocannabinoid System (ECS). These cannabinoid receptors are what allow your body to utilize the CBD. Research suggests this system of cannabinoid receptors and neurotransmitters plays a role in many of the body’s processes. As such, they can help the body find it’s natural “balance” and assist in many can areas – from sleep to pain relief and much more.

As long as it comes from an industrial hemp strain that is EU approved (that contains no THC), CBD is legal in the UK. THC is the compound that creates the “high” effect often associated with hemp and Cannabis. It is important to ensure that any CBD in products you are taking come from a trusted source, to enjoy the fullest benefits.

Our CBD comes from EU certified hemp seeds and are tested for purity. We are confident in the quality and traceability of our products and our experts understand the process from seed to shelf.

CBD dosage Guide

The ideal dosage can vary from person to person. Finding the right dosage for you may require some experimentation. To make this easier all of my CBD Doctor’s oil tinctures come with graduated pipettes. We recommend starting with a low dosage and working your way up. Finding the balance between dosage and strength of CBD products to purchase will help you enjoy the benefits of CBD most effectively.

The amount of CBD you need could be affected by:

– Weight & height
– Your body chemistry (e.g metabolism)
– The concentration of CBD in the product you are taking

The FSA recommends a maximum daily dosage of 70mg. This could mean starting with 10 – 40mg per day, increasing with 5mg intervals for example, until you find the dosage that suits you best.

If you would like assistance in discovering what CBD dosage or products are right for you, feel free to reach out to us at info@hempknot.co.uk

Our experts are happy to help.